malau is the digital designer
and chloé, the print and illustration designer
together we propose a full set of services for the branding and the communication of your projects!
Feel free to contact one of us to discuss what we could do for you

The high quality research of hard working scientists deserves cutting-edge communication.
We can deliver a range of services for researchers including your group or lab website, visuals for science outreach or research articles, social media material for advertising your conferences, edition of manuscripts, slides for impressive plenary talks, and much more!
Find out below how we work to obtain high impact results.

meet and estimate

we talk with you about your project, about possible solutions and about the terms and conditions of our collaboration.

analysis and ideas

from our meeting: analysis of what already exists and of the context, definition of a standpoint, development of visual propositions.

propositions and presentation

you are involved at every key moments of the project development, thanks to presentations of our analyses and to the proposition of several graphical solutions suiting your needs.

design et craft

design of the various elements defined upstream, with regular meetings to adjust their relevance.

billing and delivery

after receipt of your payment we deliver all files at the formats defined upstream, and we provide a continous support afterwards, for you to get an optimal use of them.

communication of an international online conference, illustrations for teaching material, logo and website for a research group, slides and front cover of a PhD thesis, scenography, signage and module design for an exhibition, our logo, mobile app for Le Tour de France, a poster for a cinema festival, an nonprofit community truck